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What is Bitcoin Mining network difficulty?

Years ago when Bitcoin was still a technology that was known to geeks and tech-savvy people, Bitcoin mining was a simple process All a miner needed was a computer

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Bitcoin mining and media spin

As the world increasingly focuses its thoughts on climate change, how we come about and use energy is a topic that everyone has a say on. Bitcoin mining, as... | Read Post

Is Bitcoin Mining sustainable?

In almost every other online publication on technology or finance is an article on why Bitcoin mining is unsustainable and could lead to our doom This industry has been

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How to get started with Bitcoin Mining

As Bitcoin starts to gain more adoption, and with it, publicity, you might be wondering how you can start mining it for yourself. Bitcoin Mining is a great way... | Read Post

The importance of Bitcoin mining as laid out by Satoshi Nakamoto

By now, you probably know what Bitcoin mining is The Bitcoin mining industry took off in the past two years, with companies selling crypto mining equipment

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Importance of Bitcoin Miners to the security of blockchain

As you already know by now, Bitcoin miners are the lifeblood of the Bitcoin ecosystem They validate the transactions on the Bitcoin network, ensuring that double spending doesn’t take

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