BSV is quickly becoming popular among businesses, due to its high transaction throughput and uncapped scaling potential, stable protocol and ability to solve key challenges presented by centralized networks.  There is a growing ecosystem of businesses leveraging BSV across several industries, including healthcare, big data, supply chain, fintech, eSports, casinos and iGaming, and a multitude of other industries. 

At TAAL, we’re proud to provide customized solutions, like bulk transaction processing services, Merchant Application Programming Interfaces, pooled hashing services and data storage solutions, that helps our clients to enhance their business operations by building on BSV.  We sat down with Stephan Nilsson, Founder and CEO of UNISOT, to discuss why they’ve chosen to build on BSV.


How does UNISOT use BSV?

“The BSV blockchain enables us to provide secure, scalable and cost-efficient services to all companies active in global supply chains, from the smallest farmer to the largest multinationals.  By using BSV we can boost the end-to-end efficiency of global supply chains, which in turn will boost the global economy.”      


Why did you choose BSV to build on, instead of other blockchains?

“BSV is the only blockchain available that can actually provide us enterprise scalability, security, cost-efficiency and not least protocol stability.”  


What do you like about TAAL?

“TAAL offers us cutting edge services via their Transaction Processing product as well as low, predictable transaction costs, which is important for us to be able to provide low and predictable service fees to our customers.”


What is a key issue that BSV solves for you?

“As an enterprise service provider, we are dependent on a global public blockchain that is scalable, secure, cost-efficient and has a stable protocol.  We cannot build enterprise services on blockchains that have unstable protocols that are changing every six months.  BSV gives us all of this.”


What advice would you give to developers or entrepreneurs looking to get into the space?

Ignore social media noise, and study the actual facts about the bitcoin invention and the actual system capabilities provided today.  A good start is to study Satoshi Nakamoto’s Whitepaper and then the complementary video series ‘Theory of Bitcoin.’  Finally, you can get in contact with us–we are happy to help anyone interested in getting into the space.”


What do you want to see built in the BSV ecosystem in the near-term?

Only imagination sets the limit.  We have already seen a phenomenal growth of applications built in the BSV ecosystem.  We believe that many of the ‘FinTech’ and ‘DeFi’ projects that have been tried in other blockchains, such as Ethereum, will switch over to BSV when they realize the true capabilities of the BSV blockchain and the limitations of those other blockchains.”


What’s next for UNISOT?

We are expanding our services to other industries.  Our industry solution SeafoodChain is our pilot use-case to prove that our systems are working.  Now that we have proven that we can trace Halibuts from fish egg, harvest, fillet, logistics, distribution to restaurant plate, with very tough industry and legal requirements, we now are ready to provide secure global traceability, data exchange and data monetization for all other industries.  We have a global partner program for Industry Specialist Partners all over the world.”