The world of retail and hospitality has desperately needed more transparent — re: honest — review platforms. Britevue, launched in 2020 by twin brothers Connor and Dylan Murray, fulfills that demand for verified users who are incentivized to provide their feedback. By utilizing fast and frictionless digital cash, Britevue provides reviewers with real-world value whenever another user votes on their feedback or interacts with it in any way. Britevue’s reviewers receive payments — which can be in bitcoin, cash, or merchant discounts — that will be delivered through the STAS tokenization technology.


Britevue’s verified service, called Veritas, will launch in fall 2021 with a point-of-sale partner company that has more than 12,000 bars across the United States. Using STAS tokens, those restaurant owners can reward positive reviewers with discounts on their next visit or other tokenized prizes.

A product of TAAL, STAS is a token solution that converts cash into bitcoin satoshis or vice-versa, allowing companies such as Britevue to operate their companies in a way that treats the digital currency as fiat. The bitcoin payments that reviewers receive are deposited into their HandCash digital wallet account.

“We have tested and used every other tokenization solution that’s out there but the benefit definitely of the STAS token is it is all in native bitcoin script and that means we can keep it as a bitcoin transaction,” Connor Murray points out. “If you’re a reviewer with a high reputation, you can even set up a paywall on our system and that can allow you to make a living from the content you create.”



A key reason for the success of Murray’s company is its partnership with TAAL, the world’s largest Bitcoin SV (BSV) transaction processing company that has developed its own Merchant API (MAPI) platform that operates on the decentralized blockchain.

Merchants can manage their digital footprint and use the Britevue platform to incentivize those honest reviews that can drive revenue. Through a business portal, Britevue clients can respond to reviewers, which can increase engagement and both online and offline traffic.

TAAL and BSV go hand-in-hand, to the benefit of Britevue. The company’s blockchain of choice provides scalability and micro-transactions that are key to its incentivization program.

With a platform like Britevue, the entire BSV ecosystem ends up benefitting the general public and the merchants with a better way to build consumer awareness and reward thoughtful feedback.

Britevue Says:

“Everything that we do is through TAAL. Every transaction we submit is connected to TAAL. We handle all of the data on-chain and we create a database of transactions and sync them with MAPI through TAAL. If we didn’t have a direct relationship wtih TAAL we would be out of sync to coordinate with a ton of different miners. They’re essential to what we do.”

— Connor Murray, Britevue Co-founder