As the 4th Bitcoin SV Hackathon gets underway this month developers from around the world will join in a mission to create scaleable blockchain-based solutions to the real-world challenges we face today. This extended BSV Hackathon round promises to be more popular than ever, building on the past three events that have seen more than 800 participants from 75 countries deliver 96 projects built on the Bitcoin SV Blockchain.

BSV Hackathons are creative endeavors, where developers come together, collaborate, have fun, and inspire each other to develop enterprise-level applications at speed. BSV is built for massive scale and unleashing this creativity in a blue-sky environment has the potential to create transformative solutions, as founder, mentors, friends and future colleagues, all work together to connect the world on Bitcoin SV.

For developers the Hackathon is a virtual forum to explore all the advantages of BSV; unlimited transaction scalability, ultra-low transaction fees, real-time transactions, network security and industry compliance, and have the chance to compete for a share of the $100,000 BSV prize pool.

At previous BSV hackathons, we saw remarkable creativity around a host of applications, including a decentralized identity solution, a micropayment solution for the gig economy, and a way to incentivize online reviews using BSV as the payment rail. BSV has the capacity to transform across every business vertical, and these hackathons give developers a forum to flex their creativity with innovative proof of concept solutions that can become successful enterprise-level applications.

For TAAL the BSV Hackathon comes at a time where we are building out the infrastructure, products, and tools to ease and accelerate development on the BSV Blockchain. The BSV Hackathon allows every developer, including those coming from Ethereum environment where they have been frustrated by the limits to scalability for enterprise, to participate, get out of their day to day, and make progress on something entirely new.

In recent months TAAL achieved a world record block of 638MB processed on the Bitcoin SV blockchain network, demonstrating the remarkable capacity for massive scalability. And of all the transactions processed on the Bitcoin SV network in April of this year, over 60% were processed by TAAL. For developers, this unmatched capability and scalability becomes an essential differentiator in enabling their creative ideas to life.

“The ability to test-bed ideas and attract leading world tech talent to the BSV ecosystem is incredibly exciting. It could potentially lead to increasing research and product development output over the coming months by a manifold factor”, comments TAAL President Chris Naprawa. “Creative, educational and collaborative, we can wait to see what this hackathon round delivers!”

The 4th Bitcoin SV Hackathon runs June 14 – July 26. For all details and to sign up visit: