Niels van den Bergh says he wants “to kick Big Tech’s butt.” While he may have to get in line to do that, the mintBlue co-founder is among a new breed of entrepreneur who is taking advantage of blockchain technology to allow users to take back control over their data.

The value proposition of mintBlue is to be a non-custodial solution for a blockchain database, effectively removing the third party reliance that has been the status quo until now. mintBlue’s solution fixes the user lock-in problem and enables data portability.

“I wanted to make a database that can be truly yours. It is commonly said that data is the new oil and that could be a big thing,”

van den Bergh says about why he started mintBlue with three partners.

“We’re here as a service provider to save data and show it can function as a back-end for many applications, without reliance on external companies like Amazon or Google.”

On November 30, mintBlue made public a massive announcement that revealed its partnership with Visma, Europe’s leader in cloud-business solutions. To start, mintBlue will collaborate with Yuki, an accounting software company that Visma recently acquired.

“Now that Yuki has integrated their software solutions with mintBlue, all of their clients have a NFT of their financial documents. This allows Yuki’s customers to own their own financial documents,”

van den Bergh points out during an interview for the TAAL blog.
Yuki’s network had been running mintBlue’s software for more than a month before the announcement of the Visma partnership. A Netherlands-based company, mintBlue has used the BSV blockchain’s flexibility to build software development kits (SDKs) that are easy to use and seamlessly fit with clients’ existing infrastructure.

The functionality and use-friendly interface that mintBlue has created won over many attendees at the CoinGeek Conference in New York in October.

“There has not been any application that processes millions of transactions with a real-world company in use until now and that was an eyeopener for a lot of people,”

van den Bergh says of the explosion in interest in mintBlue since it started to discuss its relationship with Visma and Yuki.

Delivering for Yuki requires mintBlue to have access to large-scale transaction processing and that’s why TAAL is vital.

“TAAL is our transaction processing partner and all of our transactions are being pushed to TAAL,”

van den Bergh says.
For mintBlue to scale for Visma, Yuki, and any future clients, it requires the transactions it sends to the BSV blockchain to be mined quickly and accurately.

“We need a business partner with a robust enough system to confirm each of our transactions within a day and TAAL has actually been doing it within an hour, so we’re very happy,”

van den Bergh notes.