In a packed virtual room, TAAL hosted its first ever fireside chat on April 14, bringing together members of the company’s leadership team to share valuable insights on the emerging transactional economy, blockchain technology and how consumer and capital markets are adopting enterprise blockchain solutions

Attendees heard that as the blockchain-powered economy gains pace, awareness, education and open dialogue are critical to mass adoption. It is key to accelerating application development, and to enabling a greater understanding among enterprise of how Blockchain will impact industries and entire economies.

Kal Suurkask, TAAL Chief Commercial Officer expanded on this, discussing the challenge of a lack of information on public blockchain, where everything is recorded, public and cannot be changed. This consensus system that underlies such a public blockchain is a major feature that promises a wide range of use cases. Kal referenced supply chain, finance and social media, among other sectors that he is seeing as particularly attractive.

Jerry Chan, TAAL Chief Product & Innovation Officer spoke to the perception that public blockchains lack adaption capability, limiting capacity to handle huge quantities of transactions. Jerry pointed out that in March, TAAL demonstrated the power of BitcoinSV by processing a world record 638MB Blockchain on BitcoinSV. Jerry shared insights into the work he and the global team are doing to bring TAAL’s transaction and processing products to enable the growing demand for real-time, unlimited transaction processing and scalability.

TAAL president Chris Naprawa made clear why TAAL is all-in on BitcoinSV, the original, stable Blockchain protocol.  The unmatched scalability, speed of processing and ultra-low transaction fees makes BSV the best choice for enterprise at scale.



In discussing BSV’s stability and massive scalability at low cost, Chris made clear TAAL’s goal to be the largest player, processing vast amounts of data at fractional prices. Other blockchains are slow and expensive, limiting their ability to scale and requiring high transaction fees. By contrast BSV mining consumes one-half of one per cent of the power that Bitcoin’s does, enabling massive and unmatched scalability at fees that appeal to enterprise. TAAL is continuing to expand its infrastructure and confirmed the company is on track to reach its computing power target of securing 400 PH in computing power by year-end. As Chris summarized –

“With BSV someone’s going to emerge as the Amazon Web Services of blockchain and why not us.”

Blockchain is still in its infancy – think the internet in 1995, but as discussed on the fireside chat, the promise of Blockchain technology is moving beyond viability to the development of services that help the technology work for specific businesses and industry sectors.

We will continue to bring more Blockchain education and awareness to our community in future events. In the meantime, to learn amore about TAAL and the power of BSV, register to receive our informative, quick-read newsletter.