With a line of innovative products of services rolling out and a growing roster of clients, TAAL was among the headliners at the CoinGeek New York Conference. Running from October 5-7 at the Sheraton Times Square Hotel, the conference featured hundreds of enterprises, developers, investors, and media seeking to learn more about the BitcoinSV (BSV) blockchain and what makes it so buzzworthy.

TAAL’s Chief Commercial Officer, Kal Suurkask, outlined during his presentation the company’s many attributes that have attracted businesses and announced boldly that the company was “open for business” as it prepares to deploy its STAS tokenization solution and TAAL Console reporting tool. Most notably, Suurkask pointed out that TAAL’s transaction processing operation brings stability to the BSV ecosystem, giving enterprises assurance that their data will be validated without delay and at predictable cost. With companies like Fyx Gaming, publisher of the hugely popular Cryptofights role-playing online game, demanding more and more data for their immense volume of transactions, TAAL’s services have become essential. They allow companies built on BSV to expand and deliver customer satisfaction.

As such, there was no shortage of testimonials from clients and BSV experts who understand the critical role TAAL plays within the ecosystem.

“We are an enterprise software company and when we reach out to our clients, we cannot say to them that, for example, in August you’ll be paying X amount for your transactions on the blockchain and then in September you will then be paying another wildly different amount. That’s not what they want to hear and that’s not how business should work. They need to have a fixed budget. Other blockchain protocols are not providing that service to us that we can pass on to our clients. With BSV and with its network of companies, especially TAAL, they gave us a level of comfort to know that if we reach out to one of our client’s CFO or procurement officer that we can guarantee them their cost structure isn’t going to change over a 12-month period. That’s a big difference for us and one that allows us to do business,”

says Muhammad Salman Anjum, co-founder of InvoiceMate, a Dubai-based accounting services provider.

Among the other highlights of the conference was a presentation from independent auditing firm MNP on the impact of blockchain technology on the environment. The MNP auditors previewed their forthcoming report with a presentation that delved into their methodology and outcomes that compared the three primary bitcoin blockchains: BSV, BTC, and BCH. The conclusion was simple and dramatic:

“BitcoinSV is significantly more energy efficient than the other blockchains,” said Hassan Qureshi, MNP Partner. He added that his company’s report was “a story about throughput and it’s a story about block size. BSV has more transactions per block so it’s going to be more energy efficient.”

Following the MNP presentation was a panel discussion on the environmental and social benefits of BSV compared to other blockchains. The panel included actor Adrian Grenier (Entourage, The Devil Wears Prada) and TAAL Chief Operating Officer Lars Jorgensen.

The theme of the conference was “It’s About Time” — a phrase that refers back to blockchain technology’s origins as an immutable record-keeper based on digital time-stamping. But the term was also a clear notice to attendees that it was about time that the industry took notice of the strength of the BSV network — including TAAL, the company that is responsible for powering much of it.

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