“Every day, BitcoinSV businesses and developers are showing just what the Bitcoin network is capable of when it’s allowed to scale, with blockchain powering use cases as diverse as on-chain social media, eSports and game activity, supply chain management, AR and VR virtual items, COVID-19 vaccine tracing, and, in the not-too-distant future, e-government services. It’s all part of a new data-driven digital economy made possible by the BSV blockchain handling greater data capacity, and we’re just getting started.”

With these comments BitcoinSV Association president Jimmy Nguyan, kicked off CoinGeek Conference Zurich 2021; Three days of talks, panel discussions, and networking, allowing attendees to learn about ground-breaking projects and technologies, and to exchange ideas about the accelerating potential of BSV.

A conference highlight was a live Teranode demonstration by BitcoinSV Technical Director & nChain CTO Steve Shadders. On day one of the conference Steve took centre stage with a real time demonstration showing node software handling over 50,000 transactions per second (TPS), plus a more private backstage demo for media where a throughput of a remarkable 100,000 TPS was achieved.

BSV technical update: Get ready for Teranode and limitless scaling, says Steve Shadders

So, why does this demonstration of massive scalability matter so much?

The Teranode demo made real the unbounded growth potential that distinguishes BitcoinSV from all other blockchain technologies. It highlights the rapid advance in capacity achieved today, and to come in the future. With that, developers are able to build with confidence and enterprise can continue to increase investment in solutions with BSV in the knowledge that the technology will deliver transformational business advantage.

TAAL was an active CoinGeek Zurich conference participant, discussed the work the development team is doing to launch tools that ease development on the BSV blockchain. TAAL is building on the BSV blockchain to be used on a daily basis for billions of payments and business interactions, to create technology infrastructure, to be the new digital plumbing that works with the Internet to ignite the power of data.

TAAL Chief Marketing Officer and board member, Angela Holowaychuk participated in two ConGeek Zurich panels, include one that spoke to the important topic of blockchain energy consumption. Angela made clear how the BSV network is the most scalable and secure energy-efficient system for processing transactions of any blockchain. It can process huge volumes of transactions at ultra-low fees, ensuring that energy consumption on BSV is a fraction of those

on any other blockchain. Angela added that with TAAL’s computing capacity based in Canada, enterprise can take comfort that the company operates within the country’s stringent environmental regulatory and compliance framework.

Following the Coingeek conference, TAAL CEO and executive chairman Stefan Matthews brought the impact of the Teranode demo and energy consumption together in a conversation with Bitstocks Mike Hudson, stating,

“Theoretically, we can process 100,000 transactions per second on BSV blockchain for less than one half a percent of the energy that is consumed on BTC, where they process just seven to nine transactions per second.”

See the full conversation with Stefan here: https://www.bitstocks.com/bitstocks-media

CoinGeek Zurich was a highly energizing conference for participants from around the world, and the more than 4.5 million views across CoinGeek digital assets made clear the vast interest. With the Teranode demonstration as a highlight, the stage is set for a remarkable BSV future!

To learn more about the tools TAAL is launching to ease development on the BSV blockchain contact [email protected]com