Adding a new digital infrastructure platform to an organization is often met with anxiety and fears of lost productivity and glitchy installation. As with anything, though, the better the provider, the smoother the transition and the greater the results.

TAAL’s blockchain solution integrates seamlessly with existing platforms, allowing our clients’ workforces to adapt to a much more efficient and better performing environment without missing a keyboard beat.

Here are 3 key reasons why your business should incorporate blockchain tech.

1. Streamlined Operations

Blockchain removes the middlemen in many processes, reducing time and cost. Blockchain facilitates faster transactions by allowing peer-to-peer and cross-border money transfers with a digital currency. The P2P characteristic of blockchain removes the need for intermediaries and the fees they charge. Rather than waiting for middlemen to complete their services, TAAL clients speed up their transaction processing time through our network, which is the largest in the BitcoinSV (BSV) universe.

2. Smart Contracts and Immutability

A “smart contract” essentially functions as both a document that sets out the terms agreed to by two or more parties and a computerized method of ensuring those terms are met. Smart contracts are kept on the blockchain and cannot be changed. That immutability creates more accountability among contract signatories and reduces the amount of clerical and administrative functions needed to track and retrieve documents. Smart contracts include all necessary aspects for financial reporting, providing enrolled businesses or individuals with a more holistic view of their operations. The data stored on blockchain increases the quality and timeliness of financial reporting and decreases costs by rendering certain functions (such as notarization) obsolete or redundant.

3. More Trust Equals More Sales

Blockchain’s boldest feature creates a transparent landscape for financial systems and individual businesses. The decentralized transaction ledger creates a layer of accountability within an organization. Each department’s activities can be stored on a blockchain network and that action builds an unprecedented level of oversight as well as fosters a cohesive environment where workers know their efforts in helping a company reach its business objectives will be documented. Externally, blockchain creates trust among consumers or business partners through innovations such as digital wallet security and pre-verification methods.

While enterprises and academics are increasingly recognizing blockchain technology as the path forward for reduced costs, accountability, and operational efficiencies, decision-makers still need a place to begin. The TAAL Orchestrator is the backbone of our digital infrastructure business and core to our transaction processing offering. Leveraging the BSV blockchain, the Orchestrator combines owned and managed computing power to meet the growing demands for high volume data throughput. The potential for scalability and enhanced security provides our customers with the blockchain solution designed to meet this transformative time for business and industry.