The utility value of BSV for blockchain developers is making a dramatic increase. On January 10, TAAL announced plans for a significant upgrade to its BSV mining infrastructure that will benefit all miners and ensure their long-term profitability. First, miners are encouraged to increase their excessive and max block size limits to 4GB by January 24.

“The upgrade to 4GB is a breakthrough that will help everyone in the BSV ecosystem. TAAL is here to support the community and to help every BSV transaction processor to mine bigger and bigger blocks. That’s why we’re encouraging all miners to immediately increase their excessive block size limit to 4GB. They’ll be able to take full advantage of the node upgrade to expand their revenues and client base,”

said Lars Jorgensen, TAAL Chief Operating Officer.

TAAL will be able to accommodate transaction blocks at nearly twice the size of the single largest blocks on record. In 2021, the Toronto-headquartered, publicly traded blockchain infrastructure company established global records for block sizes mined.

Now, with its latest upgrade, it fulfills a promise to the BSV community to grow a more powerful and larger data capacity operation. This upgrade signals that TAAL’s systems will be ready to handle the increase in enterprise demand from clients in multiple industries like gaming, financial products, media, and business services.

The upgrade improves performance and addresses requests from the network’s enthusiastic supporters and application developers to grow beyond the previous 2GB hard cap limit.

Full details of the features can be accessed through researching the release notes.

Miners are encouraged to follow the technical settings documentation listed on, which provides a guide on how to integrate the upgrade into existing systems.

All members and application developers of the BSV community, or those interested in joining the rapidly expanding network, can learn more about these advancements and how they impact their applications, services, or tools through

“Increasing the block size for BitcoinSV will help prepare the miners and nodes to start seeing bigger blocks from the massive amounts of transactions and data that will be coming in the near future,”

noted Adam Kling, CEO and Co-founder of FYX Gaming, whose “CryptoFights” game is one of the BSV network’s most active applications.
The upgrade is the latest in a series of planned achievements that will lead the BSV network to terabyte-sized blocks. At that capacity size, BSV will be able to process millions of payments and data transactions per second, and support the needs of the global population.

“BSV claims to be unbounded, and it is at a protocol level. But we rely on the bold leadership of the honest nodes to raise policy limits based on network conditions. It is incredibly welcome and bullish that on-chain demand necessitates another doubling of the soft limits of the network. As a BSV investor, I’m increasingly confident because of this news. As a voice for GorillaPool, a minority hash rate transaction processor, we welcome this strong signal from TAAL, and look forward to building bigger blocks,”

says Kurt Wuckert Jr., a Bitcoin historian for CoinGeek and noted BSV advocate.
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