In 2018, Tokenized was named the winner of a CoinGeek contest that sought to find the best tokenization solution for Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Since collecting the earnings from the £5 million ($6.85 million USD) competition, Tokenized has steadily grown its enterprise and become a powerful player in the BitcoinSV (BSV) ecosystem.

The Australian company’s protocol is an open-source application layer that utilizes the BSV network for passing and storing messages. In October, it announced a development and service agreement with Aequantium, a start-up managed futures fund company regulated by the CFTC and NFA, to create and issue tokens for investors, as well as provide smart contract management services. With Tokenized‘s smart contracting and digital asset software tools, Aequantium and other clients gain the opportunity to issue, manage, and trade digital tokens. 

The platform is built atop the Tokenized Protocol, a solution that is used to capture, standardize, and automate transactions between financial firms. Speaking at the 2021 CoinGeek Conference in New York, Tokenized Product Manager and Lead UI/UX Designer Jonathan Vaage mentioned how growing interest in BSV is benefitting the company.

“Some good information has broken through about BSV and what it can do. When you look at the fundamentals of the throughput and the low fees that are involved, it’s a no-brainer. You want to look for a solution on BSV because it works, plain and simple,”

says Vaage, who is based in Iowa.

“We’ve built a no-code solution for defining contracts and defining financial instruments to have machine-enforceable code and formal legal prose so that we can participate in a real economy with debt instruments and fund equity tokens.”

Like other BSV-enabled companies, Tokenized products and services tie into existing legal structure and regulatory regimes, a big plus for potential token issuers. The Tokenized JavaScript SDK is an easy-to-use NPM library that can be integrated directly into any JavaScript web, mobile, or desktop app. To ensure that it delivers the transactions needed to satisfy its customers, Tokenized relies on TAAL for transaction processing and support services. 

“TAAL is going to be a really great partner for Tokenized because they have the infrastructure that we need to get the blockchain data to support our platform. I know that we’re looking at doing some special transaction filtering with TAAL so we can have a stream of information that is specific to our platform and has all the resources that we need so we don’t have to operate our own Bitcoin node infrastructure ourselves. We can rely on good partners like TAAL to get us what we need in that area,”

Vaage said.