International Women’s Day (IWD) was first celebrated in 1911 — when the most advanced technologies included rudimentary telephones, automobiles that started up with hand cranks, and the earliest IBM products. A century-plus later, the world is largely defined by the technology we produce and use, and women are increasingly at the forefront of these advancements.

At TAAL, women have occupied leadership roles for years, readily embracing the IWD 2022 theme of #BreakTheBias. When asked what working in the high-tech blockchain sector means for them, the female employees of TAAL expressed pride, passion, and altruistic fulfilment for the work they do.
Angela Holowaychuk: Executive Board Member & Chief Marketing Officer 

“Working in an emerging industry like blockchain, where regulatory, financial and other policies continue to be shaped, and as such this has great impact on how the solutions and services are widely adopted by the market and users, is just exciting. There is no day, quarter or year that is the same.  You get exposure to areas you didn’t plan for in your career and with that comes great opportunity to expand your skill set at a rapid pace.”

Bettina Humphrey: Head of People

“Blockchain technology is a true enabler for our future, and my role in TAAL supports the talent we need to make that future a reality today. TAAL and the blockchain industry are innovative, agile, and fast moving, and I encourage other women to work in our industry, to add their unique skills and capabilities for the benefits of us all, and in doing so to make a significant impact to our future.”

Tina Yu Weber: Executive Assistant

Learning is never too late as long as you have the passion. I am learning every day from everyone within the company; it is a great feeling.”

Dorottya Posfay: Operations Manager

Working in the blockchain industry feels a bit like if you mixed Indiana Jones with Star Trek – you make new and thrilling discoveries while you are building the future.”

Pooja Krishnappanaidu Gopalnaidu: Technical Writer

“The blockchain technology can be a game-changer for several industries, such as banking, gaming, real estate, and more. I am grateful to be working as a part of this technology, and learning about it each day.”

Stacy Ryall: Marketing Coordinator 

“Blockchain technology is front and center of the future. It has been exciting to see the expansion of its usability in many sectors, including heath care, gaming, and supply-chain. Seeing the results though our use cases has been eye-opening for me in understanding and realizing the full benefits of blockchain.” 

Arezoo Payvar: Digital Marketing Specialist 

“Working within the blockchain industry has opened my vision towards the future — how data can be stored and kept online. Similar to digital marketing best practices, blockchain and tech are constantly changing and being a part of an ever-changing industry excites me. Every day is a learning opportunity and I thrive in an environment with passionate individuals!”

Kristina Meldere: Office Manager

“The growth of the industry in so many different directions and how people in the industry are led by such passion and feeling of being unlimited in their creative minds. I am still learning about the various aspects about the tech space and the more I learn, the more I am amazed how it will, in fact, contribute to a more sustainable future.”

Sandra Costello: Director, Treasury and Operations Finance

“It is clear that all aspects of our lives will very soon involve some form of technology so I had to get involved and learn about emerging technologies so that I can be part of the conversation, help share it and understand how to use it. The alternative was to either become of victim of technology or hope that the ones developing have my best interest in mind!”

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