Joe De Pinto and Dan Wagner launched Haste Arcade in January 2021 with the goal of taking advantage of blockchain technology to improve the gaming experience for players. The project was a culmination of years of research into blockchain technologies that landed the co-founders on a BSV path.

Haste Arcade differentiates itself among game studios by providing opportunities for developers to reward players with micropayments and instant leaderboard payouts. Players can also transfer their tokenized assets between games, giving them access to a full arcade suite in a frictionless experience. Having integrated with the digital wallet Handcash, De Pinto’s company has minimized the number of steps a player would have to take in order to sign up and begin playing — and winning.

Recently, Haste Arcade also launched player card NFTs that allow players to earn a rebate every time they compete. These cards unlock more features of Haste Arcade and give players an asset that they can trade or sell.

All of this utility, De Pinto says, could not be possible without the support of the BSV ecosystem.

“It blows my mind that other people haven’t caught onto this yet,” the entrepreneur points out as he describes the blockchain that is based on the original Bitcoin protocol. “We were already fans of it before we started building on it and then when we started getting our hands dirty with it, it just further cemented in our minds that it is the chain. The only chain that can achieve the scale the world needs.”

After nearly two years of development and onboarding of multiple games to the Haste Arcade platform, De Pinto expects big things in the next 12 months. The company is spending on paid ads, including on Instagram, to grow awareness of its unique benefits among consumers and developers, and is actively seeking more games to add into its arcade offerings.

“Everything is in a position now to get scaling,”

he said during an interview for the TAAL Blog.

“Eventually, we want millions of transactions on the Haste Arcade on a daily basis and that’s where TAAL is positioned to help. Our goal is to get to that level and we can do that by growing beyond the crypto community.”

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