The TAAL Console is a new addition to the BSV ecosystem that demonstrates the blockchain network’s growing maturity and status as an essential tool for enterprises.

The Console is a web-based dashboard that features easy management solutions and real-time tracking of the BSV blockchain. With scalability being the defining characteristic of the BSV platform, TAAL is engaging with a number of clients who seek to build big on the blockchain. 

The TAAL Console helps customers do that in the following ways:

  • Guaranteed transaction processing 
  • Exceptional customer support and a global partner network
  • Reliability and scalability on the BSV platform
  • Flexible pricing: Customers choose a fixed 50 sats/kilobyte option or customize a discounted volume-based package suited to their needs
  • Real-time management and tracking of blockchain transactions.


TAAL believes strongly that the BSV network will be validating terabyte-sized blocks. At that capacity size, BSV will be able to process millions of payments and data transactions per second, and TAAL Console will be a primary portal to meet this growing opportunity for enterprise, payment processors, and an array of small- and medium-sized businesses.

“The TAAL Console is the gateway to our software services platform,”

says Kal Suurkask, the company’s Chief Commercial Officer.

“It gives application builders, whether they are startups or larger enterprises that are wanting to take advantage of the set of tools in our platform, the chance to enhance their concepts using a fully scalable and low-cost blockchain.”

TAAL Console is fully operational with more than 30 clients onboarded, including CENTI, an electronic payments company that utilizes TAAL’s blockchain data processing infrastructure for micropayments. That feature enables users to purchase specific content on-demand. Read more about CENTI and other TAAL use cases.

The Console’s robust architecture allows builders to easily integrate and connect their application to the BSV blockchain. Additional services like UTXO management and nodes management remove the complexities and overhead of running blockchain applications at scale. 

By delivering value-added services, TAAL is powering development of blockchain applications and making it simpler for businesses to integrate with the technology. As Suurkask notes, clients have the chance to utilize the company’s comprehensive information processing that saves money and instills operational efficiency. Transactions can be processed and instantly verified using TAAL’s tools, which adds transparency to business relationships.

A key part of the Console is the TAAL API Library, which is an easy-to-integrate, open-communication channel to the blockchain. By connecting an application to the endpoint data, information related to a transaction can be viewed anytime, which provides value to application developers — such as online gaming, supply-chain, finance and healthcare providers — who require real-time blockchain data at scale.  

“When I explain to people that the software services platform that we are building is designed for maximum utility and for application developers to build all types of new designs based on data and the monetizing of that data, all of a sudden people start to realize there is more to bitcoin and blockchain than speculation,”

Suurkask says.

It’s also a time to learn about the value the BSV network provides beyond utility for business. As the recent independent report by auditing firm MNP made clear, BSV is the only blockchain that can scale in ways that support the ESG goals of governments and businesses. With TAAL Console, organizations and governmental agencies can gain maximum benefit from the ultra-low-cost transaction model that BSV makes possible, while remaining aligned with their sustainability targets.

The TAAL Console is the latest example of the company’s strong period of growth and innovation in 2022. Product and service offerings are expected to continue ramping up as TAAL deploys a suite of new client-focused initiatives in the coming weeks and months.