At, the world of BSV is at your fingertips. The leading blockchain explorer and blockchain data provider for BSV runs independent full Bitcoin SV nodes across the globe allowing its users to better access historical data. It is free to use, and provides REST API and Websocket endpoints for developers to help them shape their on-chain data and transaction applications. These endpoints and data services also benefit exchanges, wallets, miners, financial institutions, and research companies that want to utilize the best available analytics to inform their on-chain activities.

Among the ways WoC supports its diverse clientele is by making data easy to find and understand, ensuring security and transparency while protecting the privacy of its users. Along with receiving real-time BSV data, WoC users also gain access to historic blocks, transactions, address activity, and data. And WoC provides other impactful analysis data and frequent upgrades to its service.

Many applications are well integrated with WoC Services. For example, financial services provider HandCash, a digital wallet, uses WoC services to make it far more efficient and trustworthy while gaming companies such as Fyx, the publisher of “CryptoFights“, can verify its players and count on their user-generated content to be findable.

A product of TAAL, WoC serves tens of millions of API calls a month. That level of activity makes WoC a critical part of the BSV network. It’s why the TAAL team is focused on deploying it to directly deliver all of the data developers need at a fast pace with a dedicated support team and a stable infrastructure. 

“It’s absolutely powerful with its widgets, to its plug-ins, to its block explorer tools, to the search function. There are so many ways you can use WhatsOnChain,”

says TAAL business analyst Nathan Cropper, who works closely with the unit that oversees WoC.

We’ve developed a proof of concept internally where we’ve been able to integrate WhatsOnChain by APIs into middle layer software. Any institution out there which is going to be engaging in writing transactions to the chain is now able to connect back into WhatsOnChain and perform reading and analytics tasks. And those analytics can be available in the systems which you are using already. So we are removing as much friction as possible to make it as easy as possible for any business of any size to get involved and use blockchain.”

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WoC endpoints are accessible at for free. For more than 3 calls per second, users can ask for their free API key by contacting the TAAL team through the Among those popular endpoints are:
1. Wallet: Engineers will find the following endpoints to be useful in displaying customer balances and transactions.

a) Transaction History — This endpoint retrieves confirmed and unconfirmed script transactions.

b) Address History — This endpoint retrieves confirmed and unconfirmed address transactions

c) Unspent Transactions — This endpoint retrieves an ordered list of UTXOs.

d) Bulk unspent transactions — Fetch UTXOs for multiple addresses in a single request.

2. Blockchain Game: The following WoC endpoints are winners for the gaming industry.

a) Get unspent transactions — This endpoint retrieves ordered list of UTXOs.

b) Bulk unspent transactions — Fetch UTXOs for multiple addresses in a single request (to a maximum of 20 addresses per request)

c) Get by tx hash — This endpoint retrieves the transaction details for a given transaction hash. A separate endpoint will get raw transaction output data that can be used to fetch the full hex data if required by the client application.

The WoC Telegram channel also open and active, allowing users the opportunity to connect with others in the enthusiastic community. 

“If you look at just the miners that are on WhatsOnChain now, that’s a great increase in participation on the BSV chain over the last 12 months. We expect that will continue as we develop more valuable tools to help them get the most out of the data that can influence their operations and strategies,”

says TAAL CEO Richard Baker.

Begin exploring WhatsOnChain now to find the biggest blocks and transaction history of everything processed on the BSV blockchain.