Business Development

How a Bitcoin Mining Project In the Swiss Alps Provides a Clean-Energy Solution

The endeavor is a joint venture between K51, a Swiss engineering company, and TAAL. Through their combined efforts, a power station now houses a container of digital asset miners....

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BSV Node Upgrades to Eliminate the Legacy Concept of a Relay Fee

Operating on the BSV blockchain has become even cheaper and easier. A feature of the recent BSV node upgrade was to eliminate a contentious function called the network “relay...

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Cybercrime Prevention: SmartLedger Partners with IBM to Build Solutions on BSV to Mitigate Online Crime

Cyberattacks continue to increase globally and the yearly statistics show an exponentially growing damage caused by them. According to the latest research, cybercrime happens every 39 seconds on the...

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Gate2Chain Seeks a New and Improved Internet with the BSV Blockchain

In 2017, the Gate2Chain team set up the system, using a pipe that ran from the reservoir to Holles de Peyer’s tank. They programmed a small water meter and...

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TAAL’s Norwegian Partner UNISOT Shows How Blockchain Improves Food Safety and Quality

Nilsson’s expertise with blockchain led him to launch UNISOT, whose name is a shortened form of “Universal Source Of Truth”. The company is headquartered in Oslo and implemented a...

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Independent Report: BSV Is the Blockchain of Choice for Environmental Stewardship

Further proof of the power of the BSV blockchain came this week when a world-record 2.5-gigabyte block was mined, with fees surpassing the block subsidy. In the first month...

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