Business Development

CENTI’s Partnership with TAAL Pays Off

CENTI licenses the STAS technology from TAAL, which provides technical support, product upgrades, and additional services that Müller’s team can access as their business expands. Interest is rising as...

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Blockchain Expo 2021 – The future of digital assets

TAAL was pleased to recently participate in Blockchain Expo 2021, a virtual gathering of global industry luminaries from commercial banking, regulatory, and central banking backgrounds, with TAAL participating as...

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Client Spotlight: UNISOT

BSV is quickly becoming popular among businesses, due to its high transaction throughput and uncapped scaling potential, stable protocol and ability to solve key challenges presented by…

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A Look Back on the Month of June

June continued to be a month of essential milestones for TAAL as we welcomed nine new clients to our transaction processing business, supporting the 5-year strategic plan that…

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A Look Into Our Strategic Partnership with nChain

In April, TAAL announced a strategic licensing agreement with nChain, a blockchain solutions provider with a vision of igniting the global adoption…

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What Does the Codugh Partnership Mean for TAAL?

Earlier this month,  TAAL announced a partnership with Codugh, which is developing an API marketplace for developers.  We wanted to share with…

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