Company Updates

Blockchain Expo 2021 – The future of digital assets

TAAL was pleased to recently participate in Blockchain Expo 2021, a virtual gathering of global industry luminaries from commercial banking, regulatory, and central banking backgrounds, with TAAL participating as...

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A Look Back on the Month of October

October was a period of incredible growth for TAAL, marked by exciting changes in our executive team and measurable business developments in-line with our strategic vision.  We…

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A Look Back on the Month of June

June continued to be a month of essential milestones for TAAL as we welcomed nine new clients to our transaction processing business, supporting the 5-year strategic plan that…

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A Look Into Our Strategic Partnership with nChain

In April, TAAL announced a strategic licensing agreement with nChain, a blockchain solutions provider with a vision of igniting the global adoption…

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A Look Back on the Month of May

We marked last month with many important milestones for TAAL as we officially transitioned to a transaction processor.  We also began the execution of our strategic five-year…

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CoinGeek Toronto Conference 2019: Bigger blocks, massive scaling, no limits

UPDATE In case you haven’t noticed, the Squire Mining website has gotten a fresh new look! On this space, expect weekly blog posts…

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