No, Bitcoin Mining is not a threat to the environment

Type Bitcoin Mining on any search bar and among the first things that will pop up are how it’s “power-hungry,” an “energy hog,” and essentially a threat to the…

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Bitcoin Mining during the highs and lows of a turbulent market

If your new to Bitcoin mining, and the market is doing very well, it can feel like you’ve acquired a license to print money. The real test comes when…

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The advantages of crypto mining in Canada

Canada has quickly proven itself as the best place for cryptocurrency miners. For many reasons, including political, climate and technological, the great white north provides all sorts…

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What is proof of work, and why is it integral to Bitcoin Mining?

Proof of work is a term that’s been regularly tossed around in the Bitcoin Mining sector. But what is it really, and why is it essential for…

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Here’s everything you need to know about Bitcoin Mining

Chances are you’ve already heard the phrase “Bitcoin Mining,” and among the first things that you immediately thought of are stones, metals, pickaxes, and getting rich. Well, you’re not…

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