Get to Know WhatsOnChain and Its Impressive APIs

The blockchain explorer WhatsOnChain (WoC) is an essential part of the BSV ecosystem. With WoC, companies who operate using the BSV blockchain can send any number of requests for...

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Power to the People: How Blockchain Technology is Empowering Consumers to Own and Monetize Their Data

The champion that has emerged to transform who controls and gains from consumer privacy is the BSV blockchain. BSV is the king of micropayments, which can help fuel a...

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TAAL’s Norwegian Partner UNISOT Shows How Blockchain Improves Food Safety and Quality

Nilsson’s expertise with blockchain led him to launch UNISOT, whose name is a shortened form of “Universal Source Of Truth”. The company is headquartered in Oslo and implemented a...

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Independent Report: BSV Is the Blockchain of Choice for Environmental Stewardship

Further proof of the power of the BSV blockchain came this week when a world-record 2.5-gigabyte block was mined, with fees surpassing the block subsidy. In the first month...

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The Economics of Bitcoin Mining

This is the most significant bitcoin chart to look at, because it is signaling the future. BSV’s transaction fee to total block reward ratio has surpassed that of BTC...

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Australia’s Tokenized Teams Up with TAAL

The Australian company’s protocol is an open-source application layer that utilizes the BSV network for passing and storing messages. In October, it announced a development and service agreement with Aequantium,...

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