Use Cases

mintBlue Earns Gold as Flagship Client Enlists for Its BSV Products

On November 30, mintBlue made public a massive announcement that revealed its partnership with Visma, Europe’s leader in cloud-business solutions. To start, mintBlue will collaborate with Yuki, an accounting...

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Codugh Turns Hackathon Victory Into Dream Marketplace for API Developers

They entered Codugh into the August 2019 CoinGeek Hackathon, a competition that sought to reward the best applications built using the BitcoinSV (BSV) blockchain. Singhal and Snow claimed first...

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At Britevue, Online Reviews Get a Thumbs Up with STAS Tokenization

The world of retail and hospitality has desperately needed more transparent — re: honest — review platforms. Britevue, launched by Murray and his twin brother, Dylan, fulfills that demand...

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MusicArt Adds a Rock n’ Roll Twist to the NFT Market

Bitcoin SV (BSV) had been Brockhausen’s chosen network for years because of its ability to scale and accommodate microtransactions. Instead of the high-priced assets that populate other blockchains, MusicArt...

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Use Case: Codugh Implements STAS to Ignite Its API Marketplace

Codugh is an Australian start-up company that emerged as the winner of a 2019 CoinGeek Hackathon competition. The contest challenged entrants to create intriguing applications for use on the...

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Use Case: Britevue Earns Thumbs Up for New Online Review Platform

A key reason for the success of Murray’s company is its partnership with TAAL, the world’s largest Bitcoin SV (BSV) transaction processing company that has developed its own Merchant...

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