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How to get started with Bitcoin Mining

As Bitcoin starts to gain more adoption, and with it, publicity, you might be wondering how you can start mining it for yourself. Bitcoin Mining is a great way... | Read Post

The importance of Bitcoin mining as laid out by Satoshi Nakamoto

By now, you probably know what Bitcoin mining is The Bitcoin mining industry took off in the past two years, with companies selling crypto mining equipment

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Importance of Bitcoin Miners to the security of blockchain

As you already know by now, Bitcoin miners are the lifeblood of the Bitcoin ecosystem They validate the transactions on the Bitcoin network, ensuring that double spending doesn’t take

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Why people mine Bitcoin: Profit and potential

There are a few reasons why someone would opt to start mining Bitcoin, and they complement each other very well Ultimately, the reasons to mine bitcoin fall into two

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Know your Bitcoin Mining lingo

To the uninitiated, Bitcoin mining can seem like a confusing process The very concept of ‘mining’ a currency is one that leaves most beginners understandably stumped

With fiat currency, new

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Bitcoin Mining traps: What not to do

For those considering getting into Bitcoin mining for the first time, or for those who are already wading in but feeling a lack of confidence, there are several lessons

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