CoinGeek Zurich: Teranode demonstrates the unlimited BSV scaling potential

TAAL is building on the BSV blockchain to be used on a daily basis for billions of payments and business interactions, to create technology infrastructure, to be the new...

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Blockchain and Cannabis: Quality, Traceability and Trust

However, as a fast-growing industry, cannabis is dealing with issues; supply chain, payment systems, traceability, quality control and transaction tracking. These challenges can create supply shortages, restrict product selection,...

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Commentary: TAAL and the Governance of Bitcoin Limits

In recent weeks TAAL acted on this, announcing a limit upgrade that significantly increases the transactions per chain default, and further supports the global development community capacity to innovate....

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Game On: TAAL Node Upgrade Expands BSV Chained Transaction Capacity

TAAL recently completed a new node policy upgrade that materially changes the equation. The company has committed to significantly increase the transactions per chain default, supporting demand from the...

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TAAL fireside chat looks to the BSV advantage

In a packed virtual room, TAAL hosted its first ever fireside chat on April 14, bringing together members of the company’s leadership team to share valuable insights on the...

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Blockchain Expo 2021 – The future of digital assets

TAAL was pleased to recently participate in Blockchain Expo 2021, a virtual gathering of global industry luminaries from commercial banking, regulatory, and central banking backgrounds, with TAAL participating as...

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