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Codugh Introduces a ‘Game-changing’ Tokenization Protocol

In August 2019, Codugh won $20,000 USD for finishing in first place at the CoinGeek Hackathon, a competition that sought to reward the best applications built using the BSV...

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How a Bitcoin Mining Project In the Swiss Alps Provides a Clean-Energy Solution

The endeavor is a joint venture between K51, a Swiss engineering company, and TAAL. Through their combined efforts, a power station now houses a container of digital asset miners....

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BSV Node Upgrades to Eliminate the Legacy Concept of a Relay Fee

Operating on the BSV blockchain has become even cheaper and easier. A feature of the recent BSV node upgrade was to eliminate a contentious function called the network “relay...

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Guides & Tips: The pros and cons of cloud mining

Bitcoin mining doesn’t have to be an individual pursuit. In fact, thanks to the concept of cloud mining, both mining operations and cloud customers can help share in the...

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