Independent Report: BSV Is the Blockchain of Choice for Environmental Stewardship

Further proof of the power of the BSV blockchain came this week when a world-record 2.5-gigabyte block was mined, with fees surpassing the block subsidy. In the first month...

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Grand Falls Lands Another Bitcoin Miner

Drawn by cheap, clean power, a B.C. blockchain firm plans to set up a major bitcoin mining operation in Grand Falls, the second such site near the town of...

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TAAL Announces It Is Open for Business at CoinGeek Conference

With a line of innovative products of services rolling out and a growing roster of clients, TAAL was among the headliners at the CoinGeek New York Conference. Running from...

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CoinGeek Zurich: Teranode demonstrates the unlimited BSV scaling potential

TAAL is building on the BSV blockchain to be used on a daily basis for billions of payments and business interactions, to create technology infrastructure, to be the new...

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Trends In Blockchain: Why Big Banks Are Adopting This Technology

As the president of a company that offers integrated blockchain infrastructure, I've observed that central banks are overhauling their digital infrastructure and adopting blockchain innovations to address complex cost...

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Blockchain Disruption Is Coming: How Businesses Can Prepare

For blockchain advocates like me, comparisons are often made with the emergence of the internet in the 1990s and its impact on our daily lives. We use the internet...

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