Trends In Blockchain: Why Big Banks Are Adopting This Technology

As the president of a company that offers integrated blockchain infrastructure, I've observed that central banks are overhauling their digital infrastructure and adopting blockchain innovations to address complex cost...

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How Hackathons are Powering Development on BSV

For developers the Hackathon is a virtual forum to explore all the advantages of BSV; unlimited transaction scalability, ultra-low transaction fees, real-time transactions, network security and industry compliance, and...

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Commentary: TAAL and the Governance of Bitcoin Limits

In recent weeks TAAL acted on this, announcing a limit upgrade that significantly increases the transactions per chain default, and further supports the global development community capacity to innovate....

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Game On: TAAL Node Upgrade Expands BSV Chained Transaction Capacity

TAAL recently completed a new node policy upgrade that materially changes the equation. The company has committed to significantly increase the transactions per chain default, supporting demand from the...

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Blockchain Disruption Is Coming: How Businesses Can Prepare

For blockchain advocates like me, comparisons are often made with the emergence of the internet in the 1990s and its impact on our daily lives. We use the internet...

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NFTs and STAS Token – The race to tokenize everything

The clearest challenge for many NFTs issued to date is that a token that represents ownership of a digital asset isn’t going to be legally enforceable if it isn’t...

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