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We are now pleased to announce that our endpoints for MAPI (Miner API) are ready for application developers to connect to

TAAL’s primary focus and roadmap are value-added services, including the provision of more comprehensive information processing features that enterprises, payment processors, and small businesses building on Bitcoin SV will need.

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This Miner API provides critical services to enable application and wallet developers to use the Bitcoin network more efficiently:

Fee Discovery

Fee Discovery

This service enables parties creating transactions to know in advance what fee levels are required to guarantee the necessary service level from miners. This is a critical service to enable a dynamic and floating real time fee market to emerge.

Direct Transaction Submission

Direct Transaction Submission

This allows users to bypass the outer layers of the Bitcoin peer-to-peer network and submit transactions directly to miners. This avoids many of the propagation issues that arise in an environment where node policies are dynamically and competitively shifting.

User Based Fee Policies

To enable different fee structures for different use cases.


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