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On-chain digital asset tokenization solution

An innovative and easy way to integrate tool set, built on the STAS Token protocol, capable of digitally transforming any use case at unlimited scale.

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Non-fungible token
Asset Token
Digital Currency Token
Utility Token




Compatible with other protocols

Continued integration of other protocol standards allowing the issuance / redemption of any kind of tokens as the integration of requirements is done.


Low overhead

Enable better liquidity, faster settlement, reduced cost due to less friction of creating, securing, and generating binding legal agreements on paper.


Comprehensive developer toolset

Allowing a step-by-step deployment of your own token that includes SDK, API and support.

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NFT Platform

NFTs that make album artwork trendy again and give musicians a deeper connection to fans.

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Reward Token

Verified reviews provide businesses with greater transparency and incentivize content creators with payments.

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A marketplace for software developers that pays them for every interaction with each of their APIs.

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Digitally issue, manage, transfer and trade tokens seamlessly.


Create & Issue

A simple fill in the blanks form that will create business logic, reward structures, data validations and more.



Speculating on price movements and / or buying and selling the underlying digital assets via an exchange.



The holder of a STAS token can redeem STAS back into BSV native coins through sending the STAS back to the original address.

P2P Sending and Receiving

P2P Sending & Receiving

Real-time, direct transfers of tokens between parties without any intermediaries.

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