Squire Agrees to Terminate Cloud Computing Share Purchase Agreement

Vancouver, British Columbia; November 8, 2019 – Squire Mining Ltd. (CSE:SQR | FWB:9SQ |
OTCQB:SQRMF) (“Squire”) announced today that, further to its press releases dated May 30, 2019 and
August 29, 2019, it has agreed to terminate the share purchase agreement (the “Purchase Agreement”)
dated August 29, 2019 among Squire, Mr. Calvin Ayre, Cunning Hams Limited (“Cunning Hams”), Tansley
Equipment Limited (“Tansley”) and Woodland Technology Group Inc. (“Woodland”, and together with
Cunning Hams and Tansley, the “Companies”).

Since the execution of the Purchase Agreement, economic conditions in the blockchain and cloud
computing industry have changed materially. Due to these changes, among other things, the parties have
entered into a termination agreement (the “Termination Agreement”) pursuant to which Squire, Mr.
Calvin Ayre and the Companies have agreed:

the Purchase Agreement is terminated in its entirety and all of parties released from their

  • the liquidated damages Squire would have been liable for under the Purchase Agreement have
    been waived by Mr. Ayre and the Companies;
  • the Companies will reimburse all of Squire’s prepayments and costs in connection with the
    relocation of cloud computing units and the build-out of additional facilities for cloud computing
    units, that were to be purchased by Squire pursuant to the Purchase Agreement, and Squire will
    use commercially reasonable efforts to assign the agreements entered into in respect of such
    cloud computing units, including the letter of intent entered into with Core Scientific Inc.
    announced June 4, 2019 to the Companies or their designates; and
  • to work together in good faith to assess and if deemed advisable, each in their sole discretion,
    restructure the transactions contemplated by the Purchase Agreement on terms and conditions
    which reflect current market conditions and a revised valuation.

Squire’s subsidiary, Taal Technologies SECZ (the “Taal Tech”) has also entered into a management services
agreement effective November 8, 2019 with an affiliate of the Companies to provide the Companies and
their affiliates with turn‐key management services and oversight over the Companies’ and their affiliates’
globally‐owned blockchain cloud computing operations totaling over 200,000 ASIC cloud computers or
approximately 3 exahash of computing power.

In addition, Taal Tech owns certain proprietary software known as “Taal Orchestrator” used for the control
and monitoring of cloud computers involved with blockchain computing and has formalized a license
agreement (the “License Agreement”) with an affiliate of the Companies for the use of Taal Orchestrator
in connection with the operation of the Companies and their affiliates’ cloud computing fleets hashing on
SHA‐256 based blockchains. The License Agreement is effective as of June 1, 2019.

Squire is undertaking a review of the operations and assets of the Companies In connection with
considering the potential for a restructured transaction. Given the agreement of the parties to work
together towards a restructured transaction, while there is no certainty a restructured transaction will be
entered into, Squire is optimistic that the parties will be able to achieve a restructured transaction to
advance Squire’s objectives to continue to grow its cloud computing infrastructure.

About Squire Mining Ltd.

Squire is a Canadian based technology company engaged, through its subsidiaries, in the business of
developing and operating cloud computing data infrastructure and system technology to support global
blockchain applications related to Bitcoin SV, Bitcoin Core and other associated SHA‐256 derived digital

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effects on Squire’s business resulting from the Termination Agreement, the success or anticipated results
of the License Agreement and the success or anticipated results of any future commercial arrangements
between any or all of Squire, Mr. Ayre and the Companies (including the building out of facilities for cloud
computing, Taal Orchestrator and the License Agreement and any restructuring of the transactions
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