TAAL Rejects Proposal For Bitcoin Cash Mining ‘Tax’

Vancouver, British Columbia; January 28, 2020 – Taal Distributed Information Technologies Inc.
(CSE:TAAL | FWB:9SQ | OTCQB:SQRMF) (the “Taal”) announced that it is not in favour of, and will
not support, the newly-announced proposal to cause mining operations active on the Bitcoin Cash (“BCH”)
blockchain to pay a 12.5% contribution on earned rewards to a Hong Kong-based corporation backed by
four leaders representing five of the current largest known BCH mining pools (the “BCH Mining Group”),
as first announced on the website by the head of BTC.toppool.

On January 22, 2020, it was announced that a funding plan (the “Mandatory Funding Plan”) had been
privately agreed upon by the BCH Mining Group and will be implemented on May 15, 2020 in conjunction
with the next protocol upgrade of the BCH network. It was stated the Mandatory Funding Plan is proposed
because BCH protocol developers do not have sufficient funds to support their continued infrastructure
work; as a result, the BCH community has been discussing how to pay for the sustained protocol
development work needed for the BCH network. The BCH Mining Group announced that the Mandatory
Funding Plan is intended to last 6 months, until November 15, 2020, and will divert approximately USD
$6 million worth of BCH coins from miner block rewards to a new Hong Kong corporation which would
then provide funding to BCH developers. No details have been provided about who controls this new Hong
Kong-based corporation or who will decide how to spend the BCH coins raised from the 12.5% forced
contribution by miners.

It is Taal’s view that the Mandatory Funding Plan is a required “tax” enforced by orphaning BCH blocks
mined by any operations that do not submit to the new scheme dictated by the five pools in the BCH Mining
Group. If dissenting miners do not wish to pay the 12.5% contribution, they will have their blocks rejected
(orphaned) by the BCH Mining Group and lose the entire block reward they would normally earn for
writing a block. If the BCH Mining Group control a majority of BCH mining activity (including the
significant anonymous portion of mining hash on the BCH network), they have the ability to unilaterally
impose their will – and the 12.5% effective “tax” – upon minority miners, or alternatively force those
minority participants off the BCH network by making it economically unviable to continue mining BCH.
In its opinion, Taal is concerned that the BCH Mining Group’s scheme may be viewed as coercive and give
rise to securities law issues and antitrust concerns in numerous jurisdictions where BCH is mined and
traded. Taal’s mining operations have been active in the past on the BCH network, but Taal is opting to
avoid any potential legal risks by rejecting any participation in the BCH Mining Group’s Mandatory
Funding Plan when it takes effect. Taal will continue to mine on the Bitcoin SV (BSV) and Bitcoin Core
(BTC) networks.

Taal advocates and supports an open blockchain technology ecosystem that will sustain long-term growth
of applications which generate high-volume transactions, such as on the Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain.
This will enable blockchain cloud computing economics to evolve into a transaction fee-based model fueled
by dramatically larger transaction volumes on the blockchain, to ensure long-term profitability as the static
portion of Bitcoin block rewards reduces over time. Decisions that change the economic design of a
blockchain network, reached by private agreements among a small group of entities who impose their will
on that entire network, are the antithesis of a stable, secure, transaction-fee based model that ensures longterm economic health of a blockchain ecosystem. This is why Taal supports Bitcoin SV (BSV) as having the best roadmap to enable sustained profitability for all blockchain network participants.

About Taal Distributed Information Technologies Inc.

Taal is a Canadian based technology company engaged, through its subsidiaries, in the business of
operating, managing and developing cloud computing data infrastructure and system technology to support
global blockchain applications related to Bitcoin SV, Bitcoin Core and other SHA-256 based digital assets.

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