Processing Power,
For Enterprise

The blockchain industry is evolving. The future will look radically different from what it is today. TAAL intends to be a leader in the new era of the industry.

Positioning for mass adoption

Blockchain technology development is accelerating rapidly and across many applications, and with it the capacity to target enterprise-tier, big data processors to achieve mass adoption.

In this growing global ecosystem, blockchain and bitcoin become a widely-accepted tech enabler, providing solutions which propel the support of businesses building applications and contributing data, in the forms of transactions, onto a public, permission-less and scalable blockchain.

Blockchain services, backed with the kind of infrastructure and products deployed by TAAL using the BitcoinSV protocol, support enterprise demand and have the ability to disrupt all industries and ultimately transform entire economies. With this, the true use of this technology moves beyond viability to the development of services that help the technology work for specific businesses and industry sectors.

Blockchain Transaction Processing


TAAL’s infrastructure is expected to be deployed throughout 2021 to establish a significant operational footprint in North America.

TAAL Orchestrator


Our proprietary blockchain network management tool, TAAL Orchestrator, is the backbone of our infrastructure business and core to our transaction processing offering.

TAAL Orchestrator supports TAAL POOL, a private Digital Asset Hashing Pool operating on the BSV blockchain that combines owned and managed computing power to meet the growing demands for high volume data throughput.

Pro Services

TAAL OrchestratorPOOL

TAAL operates a private Digital Asset Hashing pool that combines owned and managed computing power to meet the growing demands for high volume data throughput, one BIG block at a time.


Explore the BSV Blockchain using Whatsonchain

WhatsonChain is the first-ever BSV Blockchain Explorer that delivers real time data in an easy and user-friendly manner, for anyone, anytime.

Mainnet Summary


Unconfirmed Transactions


357.75 x 1024 hashes

Circulating Supply


x 109

Exchange Rate

Bitcoin SV

TAAL anticipates that Bitcoin SV (BSV) will provide the best blockchain network to support such specialized services to enterprises, supporting large transaction volumes due to BSV's scaling and microtransaction capabilities.

  • 638

    MB Large Data Files On Mainnet

  • 3.15

    GB Per Block

  • 1.3

    Million Transactions

  • March 13, 2021

    The Bitcoin SV blockchain coordinated with the honest nodes of the network to break the world record for largest block processed on the BitcoinSV network comprised of large data files including micropayments and larger individual files like high resolution photographs. View Block #678301

  • February 3, 2021

    Bitcoin's Scaling Test Network (STN) - block #14287 almost 3.15 GB in size.

    The transaction fees generated from this block totaled 32.38 BSV, this is an indication of how much a transaction processor could earn by confirming blocks at this size on a regular basis.

  • May 16, 2020

    TAAL mines worlds largest block containing 1.3 million transactions or 369 MB block on Mainnet. View Block #635141