Blockchain Processing Power for Enterprise

The blockchain industry is evolving. The future will look radically different from what it is today. TAAL intends to be a leader in the new era of the industry and its emerging opportunities for capitalization. We are taking a long term view on the potential of blockchain technology.

The adoption of Blockchain applications for Enterprise will require massive processing power. TAAL is positioning to be the infrastructure partner of choice in the new protocol, BitcoinSV.



As the blockchain ecosystem matures we are seeing an important shift from a block rewards subsidy model to a transaction fee-based model, where those who have adapted their business strategy are best positioned to win. This includes businesses, such as TAAL, who see the true use of this technology by deploying enterprise-level solutions that monetize high volume transaction on the blockchain.

In the years to come the industry will continue to encounter reductions of block subsidy earned, therefore value must now be delivered on utility. As the bitcoin industry evolves, mining operators must transition into transaction processors that provide solutions which propel the adoption of businesses building applications and contributing data, in the forms of transactions, onto a public, permission-less and scalable blockchain.



TAAL operates and manages cloud-computing and physical blockchain infrastructure to support the transaction processing demands for our clients, our emerging business channels and the future of blockchain services for enterprise.

TAAL’s infrastructure is expected to be deployed throughout 2021 to establish a significant operational footprint in North America.



TAAL anticipates that Bitcoin SV (BSV) provides the best blockchain network to support such specialized services to enterprises, supporting large transaction volumes due to BSV’s scaling and microtransaction capabilities.


Taal Orchestrator

Taal Orchestrator

Our proprietary blockchain network management tool, TAAL Orchestrator, is the backbone of our infrastructure business and core to our transaction processing offering.

TAAL Orchestrator supports TAAL POOL, a private Digital Asset Hashing Pool operating on the BSV blockchain that combines owned and managed computing power to meet the growing demands for high volume data throughput.


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