BSV warriors Sat & Oshi battle cyber‑crime to bring thieves and terrorists to justice


Sat is a brilliant analyst who is drawn to blockchain because of its potential to uplift communities and stop crime syndicates like The Grey Hand.


Oshi is a ‘Jaws’-loving analyst who sees the duel against The Grey Hand as a chance to show how BSV can hook villains and secure global transactions.


The Grey Hand leader, The Lighter is a calculating fiend who has made a career from terrorist funding, arms dealing, and money laundering.


The Grey Hand’s chief henchman, The Burner is tasked with finding the forensics analysts who meddle with the syndicate’s plans.


Sat & Oshi's supervisor, The Boss guides them in their chase to locate the Grey Hand before the next attack takes place.


The leader of Intercept’s Spanish headquarters, Lieutenant Martes backs Sat & Oshi as they pursue The Grey Hand.


Agent Brambilla is a blockchain skeptic who is a no-nonsense detective in the cyber-crimes unit of Intercept, the European law enforcement agency.


A tactical mastermind, The Switch is enlisted by The Lighter to execute The Grey Hand’s plots and to anticipate the moves of law enforcement.

Episode 1:

A cyber-security alert alarms TAAL blockchain analysts Sat and Oshi, who suspect The Grey Hand crime syndicate is on the move again.

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Episode 1 Cover

Episode 2:

Sat and Oshi are off to Spain to help Europe’s leading detectives as they pursue The Grey Hand. Skeptics wonder if two blockchain analysts from Canada can do anything to stop the terrorist plot.

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Episode 2 Cover

Episode 3:

Sat and Oshi use blockchain surveillance applications to find clues they believe will stop The Grey Hand's terrorist attack in Barcelona. But has The Lighter tricked them with ingenuity of his own?

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Episode 3 Cover

Episode 4 & 5:

SPECIAL DOUBLE ISSUE of "TAAL Tales" featuring Stephan Nilsson of UNISOT helping BSV Warriors Sat & Oshi as they use blockchain to solve crime.

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Episode 4 Cover

Episode 6:

The adventure in Barcelona continues as Sat & Oshi use their blockchain ingenuity to find clues that help in tracking down The Grey Hand.

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Episode 4 Cover

Episode 7:

The BSV Warriors get help from TAAL developers who devise a plan to nab The Grey Hand. Meanwhile, The Burner confesses to Sat.

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Episode 7 Cover

Episode 8:

The villains accelerate their plot as they fear the BSV Warriors may be close to tracking them down. Meanwhile, Sat turns the tables on The Burner as the media begins to pay attention to her actions.

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Episode 8 Cover

Episode 9:

Sat & Oshi race to Italy to stop The Grey Hand’s crime spree while The Burner comes along for thrilling ride.

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