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Enterprises are adopting blockchain technology and contributing data to the public, global ledger at a profound rate. Our proprietary cloud-based platform solution meets this growing demand for real-time, unlimited transaction processing and scalability.

How It Works


Client obtains API Key from TAAL and sends transaction to TAAL API


Valid client transaction is broadcasted to the network


Transactions are combined to form a block and added to existing BSV blockchain


Client transaction cycle is complete


TAAL receives block reward and transaction fees

Infrastructure Diagram

Infrastructure Diagram

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Supported Networks

  • Mainnet
  • Testnet
  • Stress Test Network (STN)

Get Your Business on the Blockchain Today

There are a growing number of applications that your business can connect with to support and optimize your day-to-day operations, or use TAAL’s robust tool kit to build your own solution.


Solve critical development issues with tamper-proof data.



Improve accounting processes with a single source of truth.



Drive efficiency with seamless integration of blockchain.


TAAL Tool Box


The TAAL API is software that allows the clinet to access TAAL’s services programmatically. These services can be anything from examining the blockchain to sending a transaction to be written to the chain and paying for it in their local currency.

Why Build with BSV

BSV is the world’s largest public blockchain by all major utility metrics such as data storage and daily transaction volume, scaling ability and average block size, all while using a tiny fraction of the power consumed on the other chains.

“We have tested and used every other tokenization solution that's out there, but the benefit definitely of the STAS token is it is all in native bitcoin script and that means we can keep it as a bitcoin transaction.”

Connor Murray

CEO, Britevue

“TAAL is fundamental to mintBlue's proposition of ensuring the best experience to businesses looking for blockchain solutions.”

Niels Van Den Bergh

CEO, mintBlue

“TAAL is the fuel for the BSV ecosystem. Without their mining and processing power, none of the work businesses like ours do on the blockchain could exist.”

Justin Pauly

Co-founder, VX Pass