Simple blockchain solutions to meet your business needs

Operating on the original bitcoin protocol, the TAAL platform is the gateway that unlocks unlimited utility and scale for enterprise to build the next big thing.

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One API Key for access to all TAAL services. Submit raw transactions to the BitcoinSV blockchain, instant verification and querying capabilities without having to operate a node.


TAAL Client

It was never easier to send data files to the blockchain. A small simple service to download and run on your own machine, with you holding and controlling your private keys, for raw, hashed, encrypted files. No need to deal with coins. For “new joiners”, check out the simple GUI.

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Endpoints for every need


UTXO management service to manage your utxo to build your transaction


Submit your transactions through one of our APIs for validation and broadcasting to the network


Broadcast transaction to the network

TAAL Console

A simple, web-based interface connects builders to the right tools and access points for seamless and scalable blockchain transaction processing.

Real-time activity dashboards

API Key management

Testnet & Mainnet access

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There are a growing number of applications that your business can connect with to support and optimize your day-to-day operations, or use TAAL’s robust tool kit to build your own solution.


Solve critical development issues with tamper-proof data.



Improve accounting processes with a single source of truth.



Drive efficiency with seamless integration of blockchain.


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View the full development library to get starting building bigger and better on the original Bitcoin protocol.

Why we build on TAAL

“We have tested and used every other tokenization solution that's out there, but the benefit definitely of the STAS token is it is all in native bitcoin script and that means we can keep it as a bitcoin transaction.”

Connor Murray

CEO, Britevue

“TAAL is fundamental to mintBlue's proposition of ensuring the best experience to businesses looking for blockchain solutions.”

Niels Van Den Bergh

CEO, mintBlue

“TAAL is the fuel for the BSV ecosystem. Without their mining and processing power, none of the work businesses like ours do on the blockchain could exist.”

Justin Pauly

Co-founder, VX Pass


What services does TAAL offer?

If you are building an application, looking to create and manage tokens on top of the BitcoinSV blockchain, or interested to start TAAL and its partners can help you Get Started using the right tools and solutions.

  • Send raw data transactions to the BSV network via TAAL's API.
  • Explore and connect to real time blockchain data through a web interface or via API with WhatsonChain. Log into TAAL Console and Explore.
  • TAAL provides you with API keys for both the Testnet and the live Mainnet.
  • TAAL offers standard and enterprise pricing packages, based on number of transactions and data volumes, to grow your needs.
Do I need to be an experienced blockchain developer to use the tools?

No, you do not need specialist Blockchain experience to use our tools and services. We have libraries (SDKs) written in JavaScript and Go, as well as standard REST APIs that you can interact with any modern programming language.

What is a transaction?

APIs define how programs interact, including their access to, and use of, data through calls or requests made at API endpoints, for instance the URL of a server. TAAL, a blockchain transaction processor, shares its API endpoints with application developers, who embed this data into blockchain transactions.

There are two types of transactions on BitcoinSV, which are public and can be viewed by everybody –

  • "Standard", which is used to send digital assets (eg. coin) from one address to one or more other addresses within the network.
  • "Data", which can be used to leave a record on the blockchain.
How do you process transactions?
  • Transactions are created by TAAL clients. These clients include enterprises and SME’s.
  • Clients receive preferential processing rates and services by sending their transactions directly to TAAL.
  • TAAL’s operating infrastructure/computers processing clients transactions.