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Facilitating businesses building applications and contributing data onto a public, permission-less, and scalable blockchain.

Delivered by the first publicly-listed, regulated company in the field.

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Blockchain Infrastructure & Beyond

Data transactions and real-world utility is generated by organizations powered by TAAL.

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Blockchain Infrastructure & Beyond

Big Blocks + More Energy Saving = Win for Enterprise

Leading all other blockchains in energy efficiency, consuming less than 1% of the power required by BTC. – (Source:

Why Build with BSV

BSV is the world’s largest public blockchain by all major utility metrics such as data storage and daily transaction volume, scaling ability and average block size, all while using a tiny fraction of the power consumed on the other chains.

“Currently we're working with TAAL as a transaction processing partner, which has been fantastic. We're hoping to grow and expand that. We need stability and expertise and a partnership that we can rely on to make sure our needs on the blockchain are met. TAAL is that for us.”

Roy Bernhard

CEO, Fabriik

“TAAL has the hash power and they're able to connect with the other miners, which is necessary. We definitely want and need a processing company to help us scale and mitigate problems when there is demand for data volume, and TAAL is that for BSV.”

Adam Kling

Co-founder, FYX Gaming

“In our partnership with TAAL, we get the safe transaction verification and data processing that enables us to provide enterprise solutions that make Global Supply Chains sustainable.”

Stephan Nilsson


Enterprise Solutions

TAAL clients can issue blockchain tokens, write, read or analyze data on the BSV blockchain by connecting a company’s existing infrastructure to easy to use tools like API endpoints and SDKs.

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Transaction Processing

A comprehensive set of write/read services/interfaces that are easy to use, allowing businesses, organizations and developers to build and run their cases on the only scalable public blockchain while saving on expensive infrastructure and resources.

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Digital Asset Tokenization

Leveraging existing infrastructure technology STAS as the only token technology that can assign real world value to a decentralized blockchain token for trading and smart contracts at unlimited scale that rivals Ethereum and positions TAAL as a market leader.

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